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The site of library is being revamped and is linked to this page temporarily. The current library, manuscript and books are under the process of being moved. It wasn't possible to accommodate the whole new collections in the 8 libraries. The library is being permanently shifted and will find its new home in the to be constructed spiritual city. However by now we have completed the digital production / conservation of almost 70% of the leaflets, palmlets, clothbooks and other rare forms. Digitization of almost 90% of the paper based ancient and modern science, philosophy, engineering, psychology etc. books is completed fully as per the permissions.

Users may request the same or access the same at the respective library sites. As per the permissions available the same can be made available even to the remote users.

All research scholars / advanced users / please redirect your queries till March 2016 to lib at the rate Catalogue requests of authorized users can be redirected to the catlib at the rate

While doing film processing we have discovered that about 5% of the rare manuscripts remain undelivered back. Volunteers will be coming to you for picking up the same from your premises. Email / Phone and letters have been sent to the respective scholars or users. Please return the rare manuscripts on your own. Your invitations and invitations of people who recommended you will be cancelled if the manuscripts are not returned by the due date intimated to you. For more information please contact returnlib at the rate Please also understand that all manuscripts / books / rare form of manuscripts have notes of Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Dr. Devang Dattani ji almost somewhere either as sticky notes or in pencil and they are more valuable for coming generations. Please don't halt the chain. Please also understand that some of the rare works belong to many oral / stolen traditions or have been extracted from very ancient past and are more valuable than the leaflets,palmlets etc. in terms of contents.

Catalogues now include over 116500 other than paper based ancient books and over 340000 paper based books. Catalogue also includes over 190000 modern books. Catalogue covers about 80% of the collection. Please limit your requests of non-catalogue till March 2011.

You can also send fax to Library Team (Maximum Pages allowed 7) at +1(626) 544 7944 or +44 2O3 298 3O25 or call the respective library numbers.

This site and the library site is being updated. Library website is updated and working now. Please use your access and login

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