Asto Maa SadGamaya

GRANT FOR 2011-2012

We give grants amounting to 16 million USD each year to various individuals, universities and people of merit for extra-ordinary research that creates bridge between science and spirituality. As D Says there is no difference between Science and Spirituality in essence. The Science acts on laboratory outside and objects therein while Spirituality acts on laboratory inside and non-objects therein. As D says for him Music, Meditation, Mathematics and Medicine are all parts of the same coin. They supplement and complement each other. D has also developed Mathematics of infinitives which he calls Mathematics of Meditation / Samadhi. This mathematics has unique application for Unified Field Theory or Theory of Everything and could one day open gateway for information travel at speeds greater than speed of light.
Every Quarter we give grants by a transparent process based on merit of the work and not of the person / brand / name. We also have provision for an open end system to ensure timely grant to needy and ground breaking work. We welcome any submission any time of year for the grant under said category. You can send us summary by email or fax or in person. For more information please get in touch with our local center or send us email at Grant at the rate of or send us fax at +1 773 888 O321 or +44 2O3 298 318O.

Bringing to reality Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Dr. Devang H Dattani jis


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