Infinity or Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Dr. Devang H Dattani on what he is, how what you see in him determines you and how to really be"

Who sees me by form,

Who sees me in sound,

who sees me in words;

Perverted are his footsteps upon the religion;

For he cannot perceive the real me!

If anyone says that I come or go,

Sit or recline,

Am master or not,

Am God or not,

Am Sri Sri Sri or not,

Am Sri infinitive ∞ or not,

Am Bhagwan or not,

Am fraud or messiha,

Am fat or thin,

Am handsome or ugly,

He fails to understand me.


I am neither Sexual nor asexual nor sex nor not-sex,

I neither whence nor whither,

I am neither nor

As soon as you write or speak I am not"