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About Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Dr. Devang H Dattani ji / Infinite SriSriSri DDD

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"Infinite SriSriSri DDD or Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri is mockery of Self Proclaimed & Institutionalized GodMen's Hunger for Titles. Infinite Is Beyond Existence And Non-Existence" As Doctor Devang H Dattani ji says

We receive millions of enquiries asking information or bio of Devang Dattani / Infinite Sri Sri Sri DDD / Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Devang ji etc. Devang ji is not much in favor of making him Hero / Guru / Gyani. More so asking for Bio is like recruiting somebody for the job. It is the ego operating ah ha let me see what he is let me see whether he is fit or not to be my GURU. It is like you are recruiting somebody for GURUHOOD or GYANIHOOD. Devang ji claims no GuruHood or GYANIHOOD and makes no disciples. Who are you to claim anybody as Guru or yourself as disciple; it is only ego, the illusion claiming. Pictures, photographs, videos etc. is the same golden chain of mental slavery or ego-exchange process. As per him everybody and everything is god and Buddha and nothing is. Godliness is ultimate reality beyond ultimate reality and non-reality, which expresses itself as creativity, wisdom, bliss and emptiness. He is you the real. Look within and go beyond within and without and you will find!

Infinite and Endless are the recorded proven miracles of Infinite Sri Sri Sri DDD / Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Dr. Devang H Dattani ji; his divinity and divine intervention: be it curing the incurable or terminally ill, raising the dead, controlling the nature, defying the physical laws, omnipresence, omniscience etc. and yet in the rare embodiment of modesty he laughs on this and asks not to spread rumours about his miracles. If you see a man walking on water or inside 3m high fire, asking you not to spread the rumour of what you saw, know for sure that is D or ∞ as we lovingly call him.

We have decided to give a little more information about him - without his consent- for the benefit of all, prima facie to stop the overload of enquiries. He is recognized as Genius since his younger days. He holds multiple engineering, doctorate, MBA, Doctor of Medicine and DSc (Higher to Ph.D.) degrees besides being the first Indian origin person ever to be member of few prestigious societies / fraternities. He has also received many honorary academic degrees including honorary Ph.D. for his exemplary contributions. He not only studied multiple disciplines in various universities in record time, but also served as honorary professor or as member of the board of many universities. Subsequently he joined one of the largest and reputed space organizations. However, he was not in favor of use of technology or science for mass destruction. He thus gave up (furthering and living) all material life (villas in France, LA etc. apartments in Manhattan etc.) at the peak of his carrier to serve humanity. He accepts no money or donations from people.

In order to fund his goal of serving humanity he established 7 companies from scratch. His 7 companies are spread over 11 countries with a work force of over 5000 people. Not a single job was cut even in this world crisis time in his companies.

Recently, in 2009 he converted all his companies into non-for profit companies and announced his retirement from active business. He will continue to be chairman of the companies to guide them. He says a good manager is the manager in whose absence things go perfectly well. I have been absent from active business since last 3 years for almost 6-7 months a year and it went perfectly well. It is time these companies funded the greater humanity for a longer term the very aim of the foundation of these companies. He always encourages self-sustainable independent humanistic visionary utopia models.

He has retired to build a spiritual city spread over beautiful natural 26900 acres (108.8 sq.Km/42 sq.mi) in Europe spanning in 3 neighboring countries. Although the Spiritual city will be as big as San Francisco in terms of area, the permanent population of this unique wonder is fixed at 108008 only. Residence in this technological and natural marvel is by invitation only and is not for sale. Visitors/tourists of any kind will not be allowed and visits, if any will be strictly by invitation only.

If all these suggest to you that he is biologically old, you are mistaken. His biological age is very young.

He even laughs at degrees and when some of his old acquaintances call him Doctor or Genius or boss or master or guru or gyani or whiz kid he laughs and says aren't you tired of putting labels? Or do you need labels to support or borrow your love or existence? We all lovingly prefer to call him simply D or DD or refer to him in writing as ∞.

He serves and heals people much like God. He has gone through every known or unknown spiritual methodologies, processes etc. including lineage of atheism. Having gone through all this now He has gone beyond all ... to reality or non-real reality... He is leading normal life. Did Krishna or Rama or Jesus were out of life? Sitting? No? Similarly he is in normal life yet not here.

He is inheritor of many lineages including 5,000 year old lineage, however he neither trades them nor accepts donations nor takes money for passing on this great divine wisdom, bliss and knowledge.

He got enlightened at the age of 21 in a jungle full of pipals, during his silence vacation period. However instead of booming out to the public claiming enlightenment he continued his extra-ordinary mundane or super mundane study of both spiritual as well as material knowledge. At the age of 26 in the pine forests of Himalaya he went beyond enlightenment - From reality to beyond non-real and reality. Yet, he claims to be nothing and nobody! He says enlightenment or gyanihood or guruhood or moksha or nirvana or parabrahma is nothing at all! I don’t know why people make this joke of searching, grasping, working and groping for it! Even enlightenment is subtle ego! There is nothing there to be or not to be ...

At first he decided to not interfere with others on the premises that all gurus and gyanis have doped humanity since ages. Subsequently on requests of lineage heads he agreed to guide only those who came to him much like Buddha. He took many different revolutionary retreats, initiations, programs etc. spanning on almost all the known sects / religions of the world.

Thousands of People were so much benefited that they started requesting more and wanted to spread it. Subsequently he granted them to open centers which would take no money and help each other informally. About 1008 centers have come into being and Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Dr.Devang Dattaniji has declared that there will be no more centers beyond 1008. Since May 2010 these centers have become operational by invitation only. Though all are welcome the right to participate in any retreats / programs / initiations / spiritual city functions is strictly by invitation only. Further it is a privilege granted and not anybody’s right. No money is taken even now either from anybody or from participants at any time during or after. Donations are not accepted either. Bhagwan makes no hierarchical or diplomatic structures or carrot or stick management and enables pure quality.

It is not our decision to call Devang Dattani ji SriSriSri or Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri or Infinite SriSriSri. It was neither self-proclamation of D nor of friends or well-wishers of D. If it was, it was easy to proclaim (Sri)∞. This honor was conferred by various ancient lineage heads. This honor is conferred only to the rarest of rare. The history of this honor can be traced back as per myth to 0.1 million years and as per historical records to 6000 years. Each Sri is indicative of the spheres of existence or of the fundamental forces. The Sri Sri Sri is the highest possibility of evolution, beyond Godliness and beyond existence. When the lineages meet D or ∞ they found him to have powers or shaktis that confer to all the three possible spheres of existence, the creation, the maintenance and the destruction or namely - the trinity - Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh or Shiva. Sri Sri Sri implies completeness while Sri 1008 etc. imply, just one dimensional Siddhis. It has no connection with or frame of reference with others or other gurus since D claims no Guruhood or Gyanihood or anything whatsoever. It neither implies claims that D is greater than anybody nor it implies any grandeur. Since thousands of years the honor Sri Sri Sri implies the fact that people of merit have seen in D or ∞, complete shaktis - powers - that are counterpart of all the three forces - the much revered trinity in all the religions of the world - Brahma Vishnu and Shiva as well as the merger with Sri tatvas - fundamental elements of existence- , possessions of Sri siddhis and also mastery of Sri.

D or ∞ has dropped all the titles including the title Bhagwan / Infinite / Dr and SriSriSri and even the name or surname given to him. For him titles and names are joke! He has told that he can be called with any name or anything. For him words are empty and devoid of anything whatsoever. What you call him changes you and your being not him! You see and get as per your Bhava and Being.

Infinite SriSriSri DDD / Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Dr.Devang H Dattani ji is not at all in favor of publicity or organizations or trade of it. He says all organizations have become playground for power politics and money so we run organization-less organization spanning whole world and yet nowhere! Hope this information helps you and encourages you to not increase volunteers’ workloads.


For more information please call NYC: +1(646) 8O1 8O11/12/13 or LA: +1(213) 29O 39O6 or Geneva: +41 225 O8O 887 or London: +44 2O3 298 2756/57/58 or Munich: +4989 721O 1O71 788 or Rome: +39 O699 3444 59 or Moscow:+7 985 976 7674 or Stockholm: +46 8559 22886 or email the web volunteer team at web at for web related query or for anyother information email to volunteers at or send fax (limit 4 pages per fax maximum) to +1(646) 8O1 6968 or +44 2O3 298 32O8 or +44 2O3 298 33O8 or +33 182 52O 652.

Note:  We receive high call volumes every day.  Skype/VOIP users: We have VOIP tracking systems which enables us to track your ISP, computer, IP, user ids and country of origin. You are hence neither anonymous nor allowed to call these numbers for testing/fun. Please call if and only if you have genuine request and are genuine.


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